Basic Chihuahua Training Builds Trust

Welcome to the world of basic chihuahua training. Many chihuahua parents shutter at the thought, thinking it is a daunting task. Fearchihuahua learning not. The reality is that it is a great opportunity to bond with me, and build a lasting trust. A real chance to get to know me better, while I get acquainted with your expectations. This where you will discover my true personality and my humorous side. Laugh with me as we learn. You are my teacher, my parent, and my best friend.

What Does It Cover?

Training actually covers a wide variety of topics: potty training, socializing, good behavior, manners, and simple commands to name a few. Each one takes time, patience, and repetition. We are always excited to learn and discover new things. Remember, it is also an essential necessity to maintain my well being. It builds a lasting relationship, when woven into everyday living. For example, we love affection and attention, so why not pet me, look in my ears, hold my paws, and check out my teeth. This enables you to prepare me for grooming at a later time. These simple things form a trust that will last a life time.

So When Do You Start

Instruction begins immediately. The moment I come home. It makes no difference whether I’m a puppy or an adult. The sooner boundaries are set, feeding, exercising, and house breaking¬†chihuahua trainingtraining schedules are in place, the easier it will be to establish a routine that fits your lifestyle. It helps me to learn what to do and when. I also need to be socialized right away with all family members, and other pets. I need to know who everyone in my family is. Each family member in turn needs to know their role in my care and well being. Plus it’s imperative that I get along with all other pets. We don’t want any mishaps, or anyone getting hurt including me.

As You Begin Teaching, Consider The 3 R’s

  • Repeat
  • Reward
  • Results

First, repetition and patience are the keys to success. Just like humans, I need to be taught what is expected of me. We all learn by doing a task over and over again. It works the same with me. Once is not enough. It’s a matter of repeat, repeat, and repeat. Start with commands like coming when called, sit, stay, down, no, and enough. Work with me, so I understand and do each one without incident.

Second, reward me each time I get it right during the early stages. Keep upping the ante to help me excel. Rewards come in many forms. It can be praise, petting, a small treat, or any combination. The bottom line is I love it when your proud of me.

Third, is reaping the results. It will take time, but rest assured I am highly intelligent, and before you know it I will be responding to you efforts. Then you can teach me something new following the same guidelines. We are going to have such fun growing together.

Keep It Up

Training is an ongoing process, which has to be worked on apositive training daily basis. Honestly, there is always something new to be learned. As we learn new things, continue to practice what I have recently learned so I don’t forget. Also it’s not unusual for me to elaborate on what I’ve learned. I am an individual as you know.¬† It doesn’t matter how old either of us are. Be consistent. Don’t stress. Keep it light. In other words don’t growl. Make it a positive learning experience for both of us. Let’s get busy and have fun!

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