Common Parasites In Dogs, Who Are They

Amigos, there are two vicious gangs waiting to attack us. They are common parasites in dogs. Their names are Internal and External. They’re ruthless and violent. Their goal is to feast on the next available chihuahua.They are not picky who they assault. Anyone can be parasites in dogsa victim. Internals make their casa on the inside, reeking havoc on the intestines, bowels, and heart. Externals make camp on the skin. These bugs prefer the great outdoors. Either way these banditos rob my health, and hold my body hostage. They steal my life blood, and in some cases even my very life.

Who Are These Gang Members

The Internal Thugs are:

  • Heartworms- spread by mosquitoes, not by infected dogs
  • Roundworms- most common and can infect humans
  • Whipworms- resides in intestinal lining
  • Hookworms- hangs out in the digestive system
  • Threadworms- tiny, causes havoc in small intestine
  • Tapeworms- can grow several feet
  • Tracheal Worms- affects the lungs
  • Giardia- a protozoan living in lakes, puddles,ect
  • Coccidia- a protozoan that affects the intestine
  • Salmon Flukes- carried by some fish

The External Desperados are:

  • Ticks- blood sucker that can cause diseases
  • Fleas- insect blood sucker causing skin irritation
  • Mites-  mange, walking dandruff, ear mites
  • Lice- small insect that affect humans also
  • Flies- annoying and can cause disease

Each member of both gangs are unique. Never try to treat symptoms on your own. Your vet is better equipped to diagnose the cause and accurately prescribe what I need.

It is up to you, our chi parents, to learn who the enemies are, chihuahua parentand how to protect me against these horrible adversaries, or squatters as I like to call them. Remember, keep your friends close, but keep the knowledge of your enemies closer.

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