Yo! Welcome to CWA, Home of Chihuahuas with Attitude. This is the place to learn what it means to be chihuahua. Explore our Digs and grow in the knowledge our ways.

CWA is here to educate you on everything related to the chihuahua from choosing your ideal best friend, to potty training, to health issues, to picking out clothes and accessories. We are here to offer insight.

Our Attitude Sets Us Apart

We are more than cool little dogs. We are a unique breed. Wechihuahuas may be the world’s smallest dog, but we are huge on personality. Our Attitude is Legendary! We are known for being, strong willed, smart,protective, loyal, loving, kind, gentle, passionate, and funny. Imagine Don Juan meets matador. In other words, fearless and irresistible. The same goes for senoritas. Think Selena Gomez as a warrior princess. Yo man, that’s us.

What makes us so unique?

Chihuahuas are a true toy breed. We are not a down sized chihuahua companionversion of anything. We were created to be your companion. That means we are sensitive to your moods and enjoy interacting with you. We love sitting on your lap and snuggling. We are very personable.

We Are Fearless

We do not focus on our size. We are mighty in our eyes. As you know, dynamite comes in small packages. We are exceptionally alert, curious, and protective. This makes us great watch dogs. Since we believe we can take on the world, it is up to you to make sure we are safe when strange dogs approach. We are tough , but no match to take on a huge dog. Even a medium size dog could hurt us through rough play.

Provide The Training

We may be cute and cuddling, but we still need to be taught manners along with the rules of the house. We are highly intelligent, but we are not mind readers. Teach us with love, patience, understanding, and repetition. You will be surprised at how fast we learn. Don’t delay. Start Training today.

All Chihuahuas Are Not Created Equal

We are proud to be Chihuahua, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t individuals. We don’t fit in a mold. Our personalities,chihuahuas personality temperament, and energy levels vary. The same way it is for humans. Make sure my personality and style meshes with you and your family. This will ensure a perfect match, as you become my familia. Take the time to get to know me for who I am. It will enrich both our lives.

Lets begin the adventure of a lifetime, as we bond and grow together. Carpe Diem.

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  1. Melodie A Fowler says:

    Great site to learn about these little buddies!

    Rock On!

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